flickr: Media Archive—Digital Community Builder—Marketing Tool

Posted on February 20, 2012


I only recently got a flickr account while I was traveling in Europe over the summer. I originally signed up so I could store my photos in case my camera was damaged or stolen. Before I researched for this presentation I knew very little about the flickr community or really how the site worked. I’ve spent hours looking around the site, and as the quarter comes to an end I am really looking at social media in a new way.

In many ways, flickr is arguably one of the most print-like forms of social media. Through photos, flickr users archive space and time, creating community and documenting history. The site hosts thriving communities from photo journalists to Occupy protesters. These digital communities have hierarchies and rules. Throughout the quarter I have been fascinated with how digital media is replacing our social needs previously satisfied by print media. This presentation offers further discussion on flickr as a form of digital media.

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