Jean Francois Porchez lecture

Posted on February 16, 2012


(1) Analyze the theme for your WP blog for this course. How many different type faces, sizes and styles?

My theme has just 2 fonts-one for headers and widget text and another for posts. However, they both are very similar, though the post font is a little smaller, and the header/widget text is more bold. They are both very simply fonts.

(2) Regarding the lecture at Kane Hall, how have you changed how you think about type? What are some issues with type rendering on a computer screen (compared with paper)?

I think his comment about about styling fonts for the screen being more difficult than print to be very true. I never thought about how extensive the work of typographers was well before the advent of technology. Before HTML people were thinking about how typefaces looked for aesthetics, marketability, brand recognition, etc. It really is an art form, and having dabbled in visual art myself I can appreciate the comfort of having something you are creating tangibly available to look and touch, especially in the 3rd dimension. I think this is one of the biggest challenges of designing for the computer that it is not tangible.

(3) What is the difference between a “font” and a “typeface”? Why do you think the terms are used interchangeably?

A font is the mechanism by which we share/use a collection of stylistic lettering called a typeface. The typeface is the art, style, design of the lettering, while the font is how it is transmitted, shared, and used.

I found this website helpful in answering this question:

(4) Visit several sites that sell typefaces (fonts). Pick one that expresses the image you would want to present professionally and one that expresses a personal image. (Name, link them). How are they different? Alike?

I really liked one particular font we saw during the lecture called Ambroise. It looks very French inspired but looks good in English as well.

Professional Font: Ambroise Firmin Bold

Personal Font: Fontleroy Brown

I used both fonts to type my name, thinking about using it as a header on a website or letterhead. The Ambroise is more traditional and would mesh well with a number of other fonts stylistically, so it would be great for a professional website or letterhead. I really like the Fontleroy Brown because it looks similar to my signature. I think this would be a good one for professional branding, like my personal webpage, but I wouldn’t use it for professional needs like a law firm website.

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