inspired by me peers

Posted on February 13, 2012


My renewed project goals are to:

1) Create something simple, accessible and informative

2) Include creative aspects that make my project unique

Being creative with my topic: I commented on Dana’s blog because it helped me to realize that defining human rights is going to be my most important aspect of my project. A few years ago I purchased a children’s book explaining human rights and I think I can find ways to creatively introduce information on this topic. It also helped me to realize that I really want to utilize the concept of internet access as a human right as an opportunity to introduce a survey on the subject and connect the reader to more information on human rights and activism.

Keeping it simple: My comment on Tim’s photography blog  is about the importance of simplicity in design. This will be important to remember for my blog as well. I spent some time over the weekend playing with widgets on my page and I think that if I utilize these tools correctly, I can really add to my blog without cluttering it.  I also commented on Ava’s blog posts for her paper on different blogging platforms. This is a very ambitious topic, as is mine, but I think if we both keep it simple that they will both be successful.

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