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Posted on February 8, 2012


Is Internet Access a human right?

Thesis: As technology progresses to include more and more of what constitutes as our public and private lives, it begs to question whether or not access to the internet is evolving into a new, fundamental right, or simply a redefining of already protected rights.

This is my timeline on how progressively I will research/work on my paper:

  • What is a human right – who and how do we define them: UN dec of HR, the constitution – by 2/20/12
  • How do we access human rights? – by 2/20/12
  • recap of UN report main points, case studies, country responses – by 3/3/12
  • pros/cons, responses, editorials – by 3/3/12
  • my perspective on the issue, and others as well, including a short survey  and chart responses – by 3/3/12

Purpose: to engage discussion about the evolving use of the internet in the actualization in human rights. To demonstrate, through examples presented through various medias (video, photo, etc.) the many different ways to look at this evolving human right.

Success: I will feel that this project is a success if I am able to gain a better understanding as to whether internet access is a human right, either through research or through engagement with other students/blog readers.

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