Reflections on #Twitter

Posted on February 8, 2012


I got a Twitter account a few months ago and haven’t really used it. I feel like most of the things I can do on Twitter I am already doing on Facebook. Specifically, I use my Facebook as a news-source by liking organizations who have my same interests and share information like articles and videos. The lab exercise tonight helped me to realize that my expectations of Twitter were misguided; that Twitter is not a Facebook alternative but rather more like an alternative news source. Honestly, the only friends I know on Twitter are Communication majors.

Internet Access a Human Right?

Good news for me and my research project is that human rights activists invest a lot of time and energy into social media platforms like Twitter. One of the most prominent responses to the UN Report exploring internet access as a human right was written by the VP of Google, Vint Cerf. It is no wonder that by searching on Topsy I found a TON of responses to his column in the NY Times. Twitter will be a good resource to explore the pros/cons and varying perspectives on this issue.

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