Learning how to edit on Wikipedia

Posted on January 30, 2012


I ❤ Wikipedia, but I’ve never thought about taking the time to engage is changing articles. I am excited to learn how to do this!

So, I decided to look at an article on my neighborhood, Capitol Hill, and found that there were whole sections of this article with out any citation. Though it was common knowledge to me, I decided to look it up. I found a great website called http://www.HistoryLink.org, a non-profit organization, that had all the information I was looking for. At the same time I learned some really interesting history about this neighborhood and Seattle in general.

I chose to insert a citation listed under a section entitled Ambience that discusses the history of Queer/LGBT/Gay culture in this Seattle neighborhood. I opted not to include additional information in the article, though my source provided it, because I thought it more aligned with the concept of Wikipedia to simply link to source where anyone interested in this information could find more information.

Here is what it looks like after I added the citation! Given more spare time, I could spend SO much time doing this. I love copy editing and learning more about formatting, HTML, etc.

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