internet access=human rights?

Posted on January 30, 2012


Thesis statement [draft]: Through my research I will explore the findings of the UN report declaring internet access to be a human right and the legal implications for supporting such a right. 
Recently a UN Report “on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression[.]”

The Special Rapporteur believes that the Internet is one of the most powerful instruments of the 21st century for increasing transparency in the conduct of the powerful, access to information, and for facilitating active citizen participation in building democratic societies.

Indeed, the recent wave of demonstrations in countries across the Middle East and North African region has shown the key role that the Internet can play in mobilizing the population to call for justice, equality, accountability and better respect for human rights.

I am excited to explore this and I already have some ideas!
-Arab Spring and Occupy protests: necessity of social media and my experience with youtube intimidation
-Using social media for spying/investigation tool by government, democracy and civics,
– Censorship: China, Libya examples of oppressive regimes manipulation of internet access for the benefit of the state
– How has internet access changed education: what is the disparity among young people with access at home and those who do not? Using internet as an education tool
– How has the internet changed our relationship with the State?: mandatory online filing of pleadings in King County, online harassment and bullying, hacking, identity theft

FBI plans social network map alert mash-up applicationhere is the Fed Biz Opportunities application

I saw the founder of this organization speak a few months ago – really interesting project: Paths to Justice for Victims of Online Harassment

I am not so sure of the podcast idea since I’ve never done one before, but I guess there is no better time to learn then now…

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