FB: changing the way we live and die

Posted on January 30, 2012


Ok, so to put it in perspective, a few quarters ago I took an awesome anthropology class on life and death practices and ceremonies. For this presentation I thought it would be interesting to discuss ways that people are using social media as a tool to celebrate life and death.

In the past few years I’ve had personal experiences with life and death on Facebook. My boyfriends best friend died in a tragic climbing accident on Mount Hood a few years ago and the news went viral on the internet within minutes. Though in this case the news media were involved there are instances where this sort of personal moment is broadcast for not just celebrities, but every day people.

Sharing our most personal moments on social media has become a way of life. Some of my friends have started to settle down and start families, most of them sharing the news of pregnancy and sometimes the actual act of labor on their Facebook. We’ve all probably seen this when it comes to weddings, engagement, and other sorts of celebrations that in the past were shared with a card or a phone call.

In my presentation we will discuss how Facebook as a social media platform has transformed social etiquette and ceremony.

FB: Changing How We Live and Die

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Here are links to all of my sources:

http://www.facebook.com/ Thanks to Facebook, especially, for its many contributions to this presentation.
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