Where to go next…

Posted on January 25, 2012


I’ve had a flood of ideas about what to do for my project. However, I reminded myself that my purpose in learning more about blogging and social media is to learn about how to use this tool for my future career as an attorney, while integrating my activist interests.

So, this is what I’ve come up with. I would appreciate any feedback!

Build an individual portfolio – like a resume – that includes the following pages:
-activism: links to online petitions (change.org, etc.)
-Experience (traveling, work experience)
-networking: organizations and events
-ranting and other commentary (possibly post some of my research papers I am trying to publish for feedback)
After posting the above project idea, and receiving feedback from Kathy, I think that I will do my project on something more specific, and leave the above project for my future blogging endeavors.
Option C – produce an 8-10 minute podcast:
I’ve chosen to move forward with an idea Kathy suggested: I asked the question ‘Is internet access a human right?
I am excited to explore this and I already have some ideas!
– Censorship: China, Libya examples of oppressive regimes manipulation of internet access for the benefit of the state
– How has internet access changed education: what is the disparity among young people with access at home and those who do not? Using internet as an education tool
– How has the internet changed our relationship with the State?: mandatory online filing of pleadings in King County, online harassment and bullying, hacking, identity theft
– Extension of our first amendment right?
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